Our Computer Repair Prices

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    Free Diagnosis Process:

    Initially, we diagnose your devices for free and determine any issues.

    Diagnostic Services: 

    General diagnosis is free of charge. However, if only diagnostics are requested for computers that will not be repaired at our service center, a fee of $35 will be charged.

    As a result of detailed diagnosis, the customer is given a list of problems and defective parts in the computer.

    Software Issues:

    Our repair price for software problems is $80. (Installing the operating system, troubleshooting operating system errors, etc.)

    Hardware Issues:

    Laptop Screen Replacements Cost:

    Starting price for replacing laptop screens: $100. The price may vary depending on your laptop brand, screen size, resolution ratios, speed ratios and whether it is touchscreen or not. You can get a clear price by specifying the Model and Serial number of your computer at our Service Center.

    Battery Replacements Cost:

    Starting price for replacing laptop batteries repair prices : $50. Battery prices vary depending on the Brand and Model number of your computer. Visit our Service Center and get a free quote now.

    Keyboard Repairs Cost:

    Starting price for laptop keyboard repair: $60. Factors such as your computer model, keyboard color, etc. affect the price. In some laptops, Palmrest replacement is made instead of keyboard replacement, this may vary in price.

    Power DC Jack Entry Repairs Cost:

    Starting price for repairing DC Jack (charging port) of laptops: $110-$120. The problem with the charging port is examined to see if it has damaged the motherboard due to communication, and the repair fee is forwarded to you.
    with 1-2 examples
    -Charging Port replacement for HP Pavilion Laptops is $125.
    -Dell Inspiron $130
    -Macbook Pro and Air $165

    Operating System Issues:

    Starting price for resolving operating system issues: Repair Prices $80. (Various options may be offered depending on software problems.)

      Virus and Malware Removal:

      Starting price for cleaning your computer from viruses and malware: Repair Prices $80.

      Data Recovery:

      Starting price for data recovery services: $100.

      Part Replacements:

      The cost of the replacement part needed for part replacements is charged separately. The customer is informed in advance about the part to be replaced and its cost.

      If you purchase the part to be repaired for your computer yourself and would like to have the part replaced with only the labor fee, our repair fee is $80.

      Customers who bring the part to be replaced themselves will not have a warranty on the part, and if the part they bring turns out to be defective, a labor fee will still be charged.

      Special Projects and Consultancy:

      Hourly rate for special projects and consultancy services such as Server Room, Server Installation, Network infrastructure preparation, security system or Camera system installation: $100.

      Serving Tampa and Surrounding Areas:

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