We provide complimentary diagnostic services and fast repairs for your HP computers and laptops in the Tampa, Florida area and its neighboring regions.

Our expert team is here to help you resolve issues with your HP devices and is located in the same region as you. Thanks to our specialized services tailored to HP computer and laptop users in your area, you can have your devices up and running smoothly in no time.

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If you wish to have your faulty devices repaired quickly and effectively, you can visit us. Additionally, by scheduling an appointment, you can minimize your wait time. We are here to offer the best HP computer fix service to our customers in Tampa, Florida, and the surrounding areas.

Our HP Computer and Laptop Repair Cost

  • HP Repair

    When repairing a laptop, our service fee for addressing software or minor repairable issues, which do not necessitate hardware replacement and thus the use of new parts, is $80.
  • HP Pc Repair

    This is our standard fixed fee for addressing software issues that can be resolved without the need for additional parts in Desktop, Workstation, or Gaming PC repairs
  • HP Screen Repair

    This fee covers the repair of laptop screens that have repairable issues, typically stemming from simple problems like a disconnected or loosened display cable. If the display cable requires replacement, an additional average cost of $15 will be applied to the total price
  • HP Screen Replacement (Touch Screen)

    This represents our average repair cost, encompassing both labor and parts, for non-touch screens in HP product screen repairs. To obtain precise pricing, please provide the model number, and we will promptly calculate the exact repair cost for you.
  • HP Screen Replacement ( Non Touch )

    This represents our average repair cost, inclusive of labor, for HP Notebook screen repairs, whether they involve touch screens with or without corners. To obtain an accurate repair price, please share the model number with us, and we will provide you with the exact cost without delay.
  • HP SSD Upgrade

    The process of upgrading HP Laptops from old SATA hard disks to SSDs significantly improves performance. We offer upgrades ranging from 256 GB to 4 TB. If you require a backup service, an additional fee of $50 will apply
  • HP DC AC Charging Port Repair

    The repair cost for the HP Laptop DC AC charging port is $80 for labor, and the price of the part varies depending on the laptop’s model number. For instance, with a Dell Latitude 5440, the total cost would be $80 for labor plus $15 for the port, resulting in a total of $95.
  • HP Laptop Hinge Repair or Replacement

    Our standard repair fee covers HP Laptop hinge replacement. If the LCD cover also requires replacement, an additional average cost of $65-70 will be applied. To obtain precise pricing, please provide the model number, and we will promptly calculate the exact repair cost for you
  • HP Laptop Battery Replacement

    This represents the average cost for both the battery and labor in HP Laptop battery replacement. To obtain an exact repair price, please provide the model number, and we will promptly calculate the precise cost for you.
  • HP Laptop Keyboard Repair or Replacement

    This is the average cost for HP Laptop keyboard replacement, including both the repair or replacement of the keyboard and the associated labor. To receive the exact repair price, please provide the model number, and we will swiftly calculate the precise cost for you.
  • HP Virus Removal

    This is the cost for cleaning and removing viruses from HP Laptops. If a backup is requested, there is an additional fee of $160. If you choose not to have a backup, there is a flat fee of $80.
  • HP Memory Upgrade

    Upgrading the RAM memory in HP Laptops can significantly improve performance. We offer upgrades up to 8GB + 8GB = 16GB, 16GB + 16GB = 32GB, 32GB + 32GB = 64GB, or 64GB + 64GB = 128GB.
  • Computer and Laptop maintenance

    This fee covers lubrication, cleaning, and maintenance to address issues such as dust accumulation, noisy operation, and fan noise in the fans of your computer or laptop.
  • HP USB or USB-C Port Repair

    This is the process of replacing USB ports or USB-C ports on HP Laptops. The price may vary depending on the specific part required.
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Repair Cost

Dear customers, you are welcome to visit our service point as walk-ins or schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Please note that the price range provided for HP computer repair is subject to variation. For instance, when replacing the Touch Screen of a HP Pavilion 15 and Pavilion 17 laptop, the labor cost remains constant, but the price of materials may differ due to the specific product variation, resulting in price variations.

If you would like to receive an exact price, kindly take a photo of the label with the serial number and model number located under your computer. Send this information to us, and we will provide you with the precise cost for your service.

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