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Frequently Asked Questions


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What are your computer repair fees?

Our repair fees are fixed at $80. If a part needs to be replaced during the repair, the price of the part to be used will be added to our repair fee.

What is the cost of computer repair?

The cost of computer repair is generally $80 if it is a problem that can be solved with software or a simple intervention. If the chipset replacement requires difficult engineering skills, the repair fee is $120.

How much money can a laptop be repaired

If the problem with laptop computers is a hardware problem, our fee is fixed at $80. Please ask for part prices, as part prices vary depending on the manufacturer of the product and the model number of the computer in cases such as screen replacement, battery or keyboard replacement. Faq

What are Desktop PC repair fees?

Desktop PC, Workstations, Gaming computers and Gaming PC repair prices are $80 as in our other prices, however, in cases where parts need to be used, the price of the part is added to the repair price. Faq

What is the cost of macbook screen repair?

Broken or faulty Macbook Screens have a $120 repair fee if they are repairable. In general, the average price for a 13.3 inch Macbook screen is between $360 and $395. For 15.6 or 16 inches, this figure varies greatly. Therefore, if you send us the model number next to the serial number on the bottom of your Macbook, we can give you a clear price immediately.

What is the best computer repair company in Tampa Florida?

Trueonefix Computer repair service
From where ?
-Because we provide the highest quality service at the best prices in the Tampa area.
-Our Labor Warranty is 90 Days
-Our Parts Warranty is 180 Days
-Quick repair times
-Cheap and Quality Repair
-Original or 100% compatible parts.
-Customer comfort.
-Recycling and Correct Use of Resources
-Friendly service
-Senior Customer Discounts
-Accessible Location
-Real in Store Repair experience
-One-on-one meetings with technicians
-Educated Technicians and Engineers
-Clear and Accurate Pricing
-There are absolutely no hidden extra charges. Faq

Which is the fastest computer repair company in Hillsborough?

We are committed to providing fast service to our customers. Our average repair time is 1.5 days.

Where can I get my computer repaired at the best and cheapest price?

Definitely Trueonefix Computer Repair Shop 🙂

How much is a cracked laptop screen repaired or replaced?

Since laptop screens are generally of different types, it is necessary to know the model number and screen size, but roughly
A simple 14 inch laptop screen costs $80. $180 with workmanship
A simple 15.6 inch laptop screen costs $120. $200 with workmanship
A 14 inch touch screen laptop screen is $180, with workmanship is $160.
A 14 inch touch screen laptop screen is $240, with workmanship is $320.
These Figures vary widely. These figures are average.

Water spilled on the laptop, how much money can it be repaired?

Generally, laptop water damage first damages the keyboard. Afterwards, the liquid comes into contact with the motherboard and causes small electrical condensation on the motherboard and side effects of the components.
When a shower is inserted into your computer, first turn your laptop upside down to prevent liquid from coming into contact with or flowing onto your computer’s motherboard. If possible, remove the battery. If it is a model whose battery cannot be removed, bring it to our Trueonefix Computer Service center by keeping it in this way,

My computer’s power jack input failed, how much money can it be repaired?

Breakages or malfunctions in the Power Jack or Laptop DC Jack input, if the problem has not gotten too big. These are simple repairs. If there is no break on the motherboard, take an example.
Power Jack Input for an HP Pavilion series laptop costs $23 and the repair cost, including labor, is $103 in total.

How do I get my computer repaired?

In this regard, we definitely recommend our Trueonefix service center to you. We can easily say that we are the fastest service in the Tampa area in terms of affordable prices, customer satisfaction and repair times.

How much does it cost to get my computer repaired?

The average cost of having my computer repaired is $80. If parts need to be used in the repair, the part price will be added to the repair price.

Where is the best place to get my computer repaired?

best computer repair shop near me

Definitely Trueonefix Computer Repair Shop 🙂