Delivery and Reception Process: When you bring your computer to us for repair or maintenance, you will be greeted by a customer representative. The delivery and reception process of your device will be meticulously documented, and you will be given a receipt. You can track the status of your device online using the number on your receipt. This way, you can easily access real-time information about the repair process of your device.

    Free Diagnosis Process: Initially, we perform a free diagnosis process on the devices we receive. Problems identified during this process are assessed, and you will be informed accordingly.

    Cost Notification: Following the free diagnosis, the repair costs for your device will be communicated to you. Our standard labor fee is $80. If a new part is required during the repair, you will be promptly informed. The cost of the replacement part will be presented to you for approval. In line with our transparent pricing policy, we strive to provide clear and understandable information at every stage. This ensures that our customers are fully informed about repair costs and can make informed decisions.

    Approval Process: Once the repair costs are approved by you, the processes are initiated. However, since customer satisfaction is important to us, we communicate with you before any approval and engage in an information exchange before commencing any procedures.

    Repair Process: After approval, our expert technical team carries out the repair of your device. Progress stages are continuously monitored, and you will be provided with updated information as necessary. Our company maintains stock for spare parts and typically completes repairs within 1-2 days. However, if a part needs to be ordered during the repair process, you will be informed of the estimated completion time, considering shipping times.Rules and Procedures

    Delivery and Warranty: Upon completion of the repair process, your device will be prepared for pickup, and you will be notified via SMS and a phone call. This ensures effective communication with you, informing you promptly when the repair process is completed. The services provided are covered under warranty for 90 days.

    Unclaimed Computers: Computers not claimed within 90 days will be donated to charitable organizations or sent for recycling. Our company is not responsible for unclaimed computers. Therefore, it is important to collect your device in a timely manner after the repair.

    Communication and Feedback: Customer satisfaction is our priority. We aim to maintain effective communication with you at every stage and value your feedback. We continually strive to improve our service quality.

                  Working Hours: Trueonefix Computer Repair Shop operates during specific working hours. Please contact us for information on working hours or to schedule an appointment.Rules and Procedures

                    These rules and procedures are designed to provide better service to our customers and ensure the smooth execution of processes. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

                    Rules and Procedures